Novation Launchpad in the house


A came in on friday evening to a nice surprise that a Novation Launchpad was waiting for me at my door via American Music and Sound and North American Pro Audio. I will be putting together a detailed hardware review within the next day or so. Additionally we will illustrate how this thing works with Max For Live.  Meanwhile, Feel free to ask me what you will about the device. Get ready for it to launch on November 2nd!

Hardware Showcase: Ideum's 100" Multi-Touch Table supports 50 point multi-touch


It's amazing what you can do with technology these days. This is a great example of what is possible when you combine a multitouch screen with a nice user interface. The great thing about this device is that the user interface is based on Adobe's Flash technology. This means that you could use something like FLOSC with Max For Live in order to make this a giant Live controller that could be used by multiple users at once. Can you picture multiple audio and visual artists collaborating together while utilizing this massive single user interface? I say we place these devices in all of the live venues in order to find out.

For more info:

M4L Showcase: Ms Pinky For M4L


One of the most active users of my site, Mudo,  posted this in the forums... It seems that the Ms Pinky objects have been ported to M4L and are now available for integration. For those of you who don't know... Ms Pinky was one of the originators of the encoded record for controlling DJ software on your computer. The provided externals allow you to do, "something" with the encoded record.  Check out the link for more info. Most of the info is in spanish. 

Ms Pinky for M4L

We've got lift off: hits Oreilly's Radar


Max For Live has hit Oreilly's radar. Brady Forrest, a very smart individual from Oreilly, wrote about the new technology that is Max For Live. The article explains what Max For Live is all about and continues to explain why the technology is important. Most importantly, they mention our site as the place to go in order to learn about Max For Live! Thanks for the mention Oreilly. Can any one say book deal? Hint Hint

Check out the nice Review:


Tutorial: M4L, Lemur, and Open Sound Control


This tutorial show how to setup a basic Live controller using M4L, OSC, and a Lemur. You will learn the basic concepts in sending and receiving values using OSC and learn some of the functions contained within the Max for Live API. This tutorial also illustrates how to interact with Lemur widgets. Check out the video after the jump.

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