Get your Monome 64 Now...


Get the latest edition of the Monome 64 right now. Only 200 units available. I have actually held this device in my hands at the in/out festival. I really like the new case and the feel of the unit. These will probably go real quick. If you are into OSC and control, then this is the device for you.

Get it now at Monome Orders.



M4L Tutorial: Object Oriented - Chucker~ and Live.Grid


This is part one in a series of tutorials entitled, "Object Oriented". The Object Oriented series will begin to introduce the Max For Live objects and their usage. This first tutorial starts to illustrate the Chucker~ and live.grid objects. The concept of MSP is introduced in this video.

Chucker~: A audio object that receives audio into a buffer and allows manipulation of the audio. Chucker~ allows you to define steps and then allows you to define the sequence you would like those steps to be played. 

Live.Grid: A UI object that outputs lists of numbers that represent step order and direction.

The patch from this tutorial is available in the tutorials section of the forums.

Check out the video by clicking the, "Read More" button...

Puremagnetik Provides Some Fuel For Max For Live


Puremagnetik, the makers of tons of sample packs for Ableton Live have now thrown their hats into the Max For Live bin. They are currently creating their first Max For Live bundle entitled, "Max Fuel, the first". While you are waiting you can pick up a free device on their site. I am excited to see what they come up with. 

The free device is called Spectral Mixer and is described, in their words, below.

Novation Steps into Max For Live


Novation Creates a step sequencer for Max For Live. I had heard rumblings from AES that Novation was working on some Max For Live Patches. Now, Novation's first foray into the world of Max For Live has bared fruit in the form of a melodic step sequencer.

The step sequencer utilizes the user2 mode of the Launchpad and turns it into a step sequencer. There are multiple options provided by the buttons down the right hand side of the Launchpad. The options allow you to change the function that the button grid will modify. You can select options such as note value, octave, duration, etc... Check out the video after the jump for more info.

Weekend of Max For Live Workshops in the Northeast!!!


A weekend of Max For Live Workshops with your Webmaster and Host Michael Chenetz. Two chances, this weekend, to learn about Max For Live and hang out with me and other like minded souls.

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