Get Ready to Mu: Jazzmutant's Ableton Live Controller beta is now available


Mu, The new Ableton Live Controller for the Lemur is now available in beta form. If you have a Lemur and Max For Live then run, don't walk over to Jazzmutant's site! It is available for existing Lemur users. 

Stay tuned in the next few days for video tutorials on how to use Mu and modify it to your needs.

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Jazzmutant News Mu-tations: Part 1 - An Intro to Mu (Beta) Mu-tations: Part 1 - An intro to Mu from Michael Chenetz on Vimeo.

Jazzmutant's new Ableton Live Controller for the Lemur is expected in beta form real soon. Jazzmutant was nice enough to give a beta copy of the new OS/M4L integration and we decided to put together a video walk-through for everyone to see.

This first part shows you how easy it is to setup and all of the different aspects of the interface. In the next part of the series, we will introduce you to the concepts behind building and modifying Mu in M4L. 

All I can tell you is that we had our hands on this for only a short while and our initial impression is, "WOW, What a slick implementation".

Please Note: this video is a walkthrough done with permission on the Mu beta and that some things may change before the final version.

Things you should know after the jump:

Official Jazzmutant's Mu: The first truly integrated Ableton Live Touch Controller

Jazzmutant has released official footage on the new Ableton Live integration called, "Mu". Check out the new video with King Roc, rocking it out! 

As reported before, the new Lemur OS will have some tightly integrated features like:

  • Integrated clip launcher
  • automatic and dynamic loading of templates on the Lemur (No need to store it on the Lemur)
  • Drag and drop the Control element into a track and the Lemur gets updated with all Clips, Devices, etc... 
    • Save The Control in a live set and when you open a Live set with the Lemur Control, Bam, The Lemur is updated
  • Control all devices within Live
    • Modify the device controls to your liking.
  • Control Transport


It's great to see some Lemur Functionality that works out of the box. There is NO programming necessary in order to use Mu. Again, if you want more advanced functionality then you can take advantage of the M4L/Lemur integration and tailor it to fit your needs.

More Feature news and info to come. Stay tuned on this site and Jazzmutant's site for more info and news on how you can get this latest OS update for your Lemur. Or, Go to, "The Shop" on this site and buy your Lemur now!

A Lot More To Come... Stay Tuned

More Info:

Site: Jazzmutant
Video: YouTube Video

Livid Instruments Makers of the Ohm64 and Block Goes DIY


Livid Instruments announces their new DIY line of components. This new implementation will give you everything you need to create controller that fits YOUR needs! You buy, "The Brain" which is the controller that everything connects to and then just add the right sliders, switches, knobs, LEDs, etc.. One of the nice features of this new modular system is that it comes with a graphical application to tell, "The Brain" what to expect for I/O and allows you to configure it from within the GUI. This is a really great system for people who are looking to get into building their own controllers. One last thing to mention is that Livid uses quality components so you are getting great quality stuff.

Check out the Videos, Press Release and other info after the jump...

Learn the basics of Max and Max For Live from two of the masters!

Learn the basic of Max and Max For Live from two of the masters. Gregory Taylor and Darwin Grosse will be teaching a workshop from March 15th through 18th in Madison, WI. that will cover Max and Max For Live. There is a limit of 24 seats available so sign up early.

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