Tutorial: Beginning Max part 1


This is the first tutorial in the series of Max tutorials entitled Beginning Max. The first part of this tutorial discusses the main document in Max called the patcher and it's accompanying objects. This tutorial introduces some basic concepts in Max. The second part of this series will discuss object flow and positioning. Check out the video after the jump.

max4live.info Tutorial: Beginning Max from max4live on Vimeo.

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Jordaan (not verified)
Thanks for the tutorial. I've

Thanks for the tutorial. I've just started with max not long ago and had no idea about the encapsulate feature. I knew it was possible but I had no idea it was that easy. This is a high quality introduction for a new user (youtube doesn't have a lot of basic stuff.. mostly people showing off their apps).

Thanks again,


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I have just started with M4L, and this quick tutorial made me dive right in.
I regret having spent so much time on Reaktor.
Although Max looks much more confusing, it is not!
Thank again.

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