Monomulator and Midi mapping querks

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Monomulator and Midi mapping querks

Just like to say massive respect for creating this website. It's been a lifesaver today and this week since i've been playing around with M4L. Will be following your videos and posts avidly over the coming months :)
Just started getting into Max and got the monomulator working with Live 8.1beta and Max4live just now. Pretty impressive stuff! Integrated it with a DJ template i've got, but i'm having an issue with getting my DJ template to work with monomulator/sliders/keyboard. This is being caused by the fact i've previously midi mapped clips in tracks 5-8 to various loopers and plugins so the mapped clips are not available in monomulator/sliders/keyboard. Is there a way to map these clips on the default apc40 (shift+eq) function without it overriding the monomulator/sliders/keyboard functions? Any pointers are greatly appreciated if i can do this in Max.
Also, any idea when the APC40 API is gonna drop?

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Thanks for the kind words... In terms of the Monomulator. Great little app from Michael Hatsis(!Include). I use it on my APC40. If you are in the standard clip mode then it should work the same as the standard mode. Unless the Monomulator is filtering it. I would really have to see your template in order to see what you have mapped and what the Monomulator is doing with it.