Max4live.info: Object Oriented - live.step Part Two

max4live.info: Object Oriented - live.step Part 2 from Michael Chenetz on Vimeo.

This second part of the Object Oriented - live.step series is really where it gets interesting. We get out of the realm of pitch, duration, and velocity and in to automation. We control the devices with the step sequencer and take advantage of the ability to use multiple sequences and different step configurations.

max4live.info: Object Oriented - live.step Part One

max4live.info: Object Oriented - Live Step part 1 from Michael Chenetz on Vimeo.

It's been a while, but the wait is now over. Expect lots more content in the coming days, weeks and months.

Want to sequence like all of the cool kids are doing? This first part in a multi-part series on live.step will take you through all of the steps required in order to create your own basic sequencer. The following parts will illustrate more advanced functionality and even show you how to use the sequencer to modify. modulate and adjust values within Live! Stay tuned! 

As always, The patch is available in the Forums

max4live.info: Ohm64+Live A Journey into Live Midi Remote Scripts, controls and components

I decided to take a little bit of time to discover how the integration of hardware controllers really works within Live. Up until now, a lot of people understood bits and pieces, but did not have the whole picture. We new that we could select a supported controller within Live and it would automagically map to Live functions. We could modify the functionality by using Max For Live. But, what we didn't really completely understand is what the, "control_surfaces" object and all of it's subcomponents really did. 


What are components?


What are controls?


How do these different things relate to each other?


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max4live.info tutorial: In Control (APC40 Edition) - Setting modes and controlling grids

Here is the latest part of the In Control Series. This edition goes over the APC40 and how to change modes and grab grid coordinates. For more information on some of the specifics of controls and components, check out the wiki section of this site under APC40. As usual, the patch for this tutorial will be uploaded to the tutorial section of the forums.
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M4L Tutorial: Object Oriented - Chucker~ and Live.Grid


This is part one in a series of tutorials entitled, "Object Oriented". The Object Oriented series will begin to introduce the Max For Live objects and their usage. This first tutorial starts to illustrate the Chucker~ and live.grid objects. The concept of MSP is introduced in this video.

Chucker~: A audio object that receives audio into a buffer and allows manipulation of the audio. Chucker~ allows you to define steps and then allows you to define the sequence you would like those steps to be played. 

Live.Grid: A UI object that outputs lists of numbers that represent step order and direction.

The patch from this tutorial is available in the tutorials section of the forums.

Check out the video by clicking the, "Read More" button...

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