Review Hardware Review: Grayscale Monome 64


The latest incarnation of the Monome family, the Grayscale Monome 64 has just hit the streets. What is it all about? Check out my video review after the jump. 

A note that I forgot to mention in the video... The pads have a distinctive feel to them. They are definitely pads, but they respond more like buttons. They have a very solid feel to them. This is definitely a good thing for performing. 

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Grayscale Monome64 in the House at


The New Monome has just been received by The device is currently going through scrutinizing lab tests to determine MTF (Mean time to failure) and other factors. No, not really... We just have it in our labs and are now throwing our favorite apps on it in order to  see how the pretty gray lights blink.

Continue reading and see Kelli's custom 5x7 print and Launchpad size comparison.

Hardware Review: Livid Instruments Ohm64


This review is on the highly desirable Ohm64 by Livid Instruments. This controller is one of the few made in the USA and of good quality materials. The layout is very well thought out and the feel is very solid with rubberized tactile controls. All and all a great unit that is highly versatile.

Filming Note: The flickering that you see of the LEDs on the controller are caused by bad lighting while recording. In actuality no flickering had occurred.

Check out the video after the jump...

Livid Instruments OHM64 Arrives for Review!!!

The great guys at Livid Instruments were nice enough to lend us an OHM64 for review. We are currently putting together a full review. Expect to see a lot of interesting content related to this device. It's a great device for integration into M4L and/or Live. Please feel free to ask any questions while we have this device and we will try our best to answer them.


Hardware Review: Novation Launchpad


Novation's Launchpad is going to be one of the hottest little device the next few months because of many reasons. The first and foremost reason is that it gets people a hardware controller for Ableton Live at a very reasonable price. If you were thinking about getting in on the grid based controller craze, but thought their was too much of an investment involved, then this may be the answer you have been seeking. Not only is this device inexpensive, but it also has a lot of nice features for the new and advanced users. Check out the video review after the jump.

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