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Tutorial: In Control: Part Two - Monome Emulators


This is part two of the In Control series. In this tutorial we discuss how to emulate the Monome by formatting the data into a format that the applications written for the Monome expect. The next part of the series will discuss using the sliders and knobs to control functions through the Live API.

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Tutorial: In Control - A journey into programming Controllers - Part One


This is part one in a series of tutorials that will teach you some of the techniques that are available in integrating hardware controllers within Live. This tutorial teaches you how to setup a 64 button grid with midi and additionally goes through the aspects of addressing the 64 button grid mathematically. At this point we are not illustrating anything that is Live specific but these are important concepts in which to build upon. You will probably find that you will use some of these techniques moving forward. Future tutorials will build upon this one until we have a fully functional hardware controller that performs the actions we specify. The next part will discuss OSC and converting the 64 button grid into OSC messages that can be interpreted from Monome applications.

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Hardware Review: Livid Instruments Ohm64


This review is on the highly desirable Ohm64 by Livid Instruments. This controller is one of the few made in the USA and of good quality materials. The layout is very well thought out and the feel is very solid with rubberized tactile controls. All and all a great unit that is highly versatile.

Filming Note: The flickering that you see of the LEDs on the controller are caused by bad lighting while recording. In actuality no flickering had occurred.

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