Live Ohm64+Live A Journey into Live Midi Remote Scripts, controls and components

I decided to take a little bit of time to discover how the integration of hardware controllers really works within Live. Up until now, a lot of people understood bits and pieces, but did not have the whole picture. We new that we could select a supported controller within Live and it would automagically map to Live functions. We could modify the functionality by using Max For Live. But, what we didn't really completely understand is what the, "control_surfaces" object and all of it's subcomponents really did. 


What are components?


What are controls?


How do these different things relate to each other?


Click, "Read More" for the rest of the story Mu-tations Part 2: Devices Mu-tations part 2: Devices from Michael Chenetz on Vimeo.

Here is part two in the series entitled, "Mu-tations" that discusses the various elements of Jazzmutant's Mu. This part takes you through programming new devices. It is recommended that you take a look at the various tutorials on the Max For Live API as well as familiarize yourself with the Lemur and OSC before tackling Mu. Feel free to discuss Mu in the forums and on the Jazzmutant forums.

Mu Info:

Get Ready to Mu: Jazzmutant's Ableton Live Controller beta is now available


Mu, The new Ableton Live Controller for the Lemur is now available in beta form. If you have a Lemur and Max For Live then run, don't walk over to Jazzmutant's site! It is available for existing Lemur users. 

Stay tuned in the next few days for video tutorials on how to use Mu and modify it to your needs.

More Info:

Jazzmutant News Mu-tations: Part 1 - An Intro to Mu (Beta) Mu-tations: Part 1 - An intro to Mu from Michael Chenetz on Vimeo.

Jazzmutant's new Ableton Live Controller for the Lemur is expected in beta form real soon. Jazzmutant was nice enough to give a beta copy of the new OS/M4L integration and we decided to put together a video walk-through for everyone to see.

This first part shows you how easy it is to setup and all of the different aspects of the interface. In the next part of the series, we will introduce you to the concepts behind building and modifying Mu in M4L. 

All I can tell you is that we had our hands on this for only a short while and our initial impression is, "WOW, What a slick implementation".

Please Note: this video is a walkthrough done with permission on the Mu beta and that some things may change before the final version.

Things you should know after the jump:

Max For Live Drops on Monday. What does this mean for you?

Max For Live is intended to be released on Monday. What does this mean for you?

Are you the type that likes to fiddle around and figure out what makes things work? There's a Max For Live for that!

Are you the type that likes to have a library of great Instruments and effects? There's a Max For Live for that!

Or, You could be in the ever increasing group of people who start out using Max For Live's built in devices and edit them to your liking.

Lets take a look at the possibilities...

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