Hardware Controllers: FTIR Multitouch controller by Tristan Wurst


This is a video clip of a FTIR multitouch controller designed by Tristan Wurst. He describes this device as Lemur-like device with zoom, a 3D controller for sound application using Max/MSP/Jitter & Ableton live. All the Buttons, faders, Pots, Pads XY are 3D objects (.obj). Check out the video after the jump.

Event: Ableton Jersey Shore User Group: start-up meeting with Moldover, October 18th


I will be attending the Ableton Jersey Shore User Group meeting tomorrow from 7-10 PM, with Chris Buono and Moldover. If you are in the area, please feel free to stop in and check it out. 

Here is the location:

The Downtown
10 West Front St.
Red Bank, NJ 08753

For more info:


Tutorial: Beginning Max part 1


This is the first tutorial in the series of Max tutorials entitled Beginning Max. The first part of this tutorial discusses the main document in Max called the patcher and it's accompanying objects. This tutorial introduces some basic concepts in Max. The second part of this series will discuss object flow and positioning. Check out the video after the jump.

M4L Showcase: Sidechain that controls a device parameter


The guys at Dubspot created this nice little effect that takes audio from Live and uses it to modulate a device parameter. This is a very simple patch but it could come in very handy. As always, Check out the video after the jump...

AES 2009 - Novation Launchpad, Nocturn and Ableton Live


Here is some footage from AES in NY that shows a Ableton representative demoing two Novation Launhpads along with the Nocturn. The combination of all three devices really makes for a nice control setup. Check out the footage after the jump.

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